Greater Darwin fieldwork

Apologies for the lack of updates. In exchange – here are some photos from the past few days of fieldwork in the Greater Darwin area, specifically Howard Springs, where I went out with a volunteer crew on a prescribed burn. It has been a curious wet season here, with the rain coming both late and in little supply, pushing the calendar for burning back by several weeks.

Since my last post a few different things have been confirmed:

  • A paper I wrote titled ‘Burning Anticipation: wildfire, risk mitigation and simulation modelling in Victoria, Australia’ will be out online in Environment & Planning A soon. This is the third paper out of the Barwon-Otway case study work I did 2014-2015, but the first I wrote and probably the most ‘conceptual’ (using, in particular, the work on anticipation by people like Ben Anderson, Vincanne Adams et al., and ideas of ‘models at work‘).
  • My colleague Eve Vincent and I have delivered the manuscript for a collection titled ‘Unstable Relations: Indigenous people and environmentalism in contemporary Australia’ to our publisher. Hopefully more news on this soon after it has gone through peer review.

In the NT for another week or so, during which time I hope to write up something quick on the new Bushfire Management Act here and how it might influence risk mitigation. I emphasise the word ‘hope’.