Various research rumblings

It has been a little while since my last post as I have been moving between institutions and trying to begin and finish various writing assignments. The headline is that I have recently begun a new Research Fellow position at Deakin University’s Alfred Deakin Institute working with Professor Emma Kowal. The task I’ve set myself is to keep working on projects related to natural hazards and environmental governance, bringing STS and Indigenous Studies perspectives to my fieldwork. Okay, now I just need to bullet-point some things:

  1. I think I’ve said this before, but: UWAP Scholarly are going to be publishing a collection on the theme of ‘green-black’ (or environmentalist-Indigenous relations) in November/December this year. I’ll post some material from the book, and info about launches, closer to the time. The book is called ‘Unstable relations: indigenous people and environmentalism in contemporary Australia‘ and is co-edited with Eve Vincent (Macquarie University).
  2. I have been reading Lucas Bessire’s much-feted deservedly-celebrated ‘Behold the black caiman‘ in preparation for a new reading group. As the blurb suggests, the book offers ‘a sustained critique of the so-called ontological turn’ in anthropology, though it is applicable to other fields (e.g. cultural studies, geography, environmental humanities) which work with ideas of otherness and ‘radical alterity’. I’ll post notes about the book (and other readings) as the reading group progresses.
  3. Pretty soon I am going to start actively putting some work into a new project on Indigenous engagement in bushfire management in southeast Australia (particularly NSW, ACT, Victoria). I’ll be casting around for good leads, so get in touch if you know of any interesting projects and initiatives going on out there inside and outside the formal hazards management sector (I have several leads but tips always appreciated).
  4. A few weeks ago I recorded a short video with Yin Paradies on racism in Australia. It is mostly a brief on Yin’s work and, as such, may be of interest to those new to the research showing links between racism and poor health outcomes.

Back to the word processing.



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