New year, new news

A few things have changed over the past few months. First, I received some good news from the Australian Research Council, which was that they had decided to fund my Discovery Early Career Research Project, titled Pyrosecurity: understanding and managing bushfires in a changing climate. Second, I have taken up an ongoing appointment at Deakin University as a Senior Lecturer in Anthropology and Geography.

If you want to stay up to date with writing and other creative consequences of last years Anthropocene Campus Melbourne, the godparents of the very idea of the Campus are now hosting a page over at the Anthropocene Curriculum. More will be posted over the coming year, but right now you can read pieces by Elizabeth Lara, Cameron McKean and others, watch videos of presentations by Lesley Head, Andrea Ballestero and others. Also, #ACM18 will continue to haunt in 2019 in various other forms, including the AusSTS Interdisciplinary Workshop happening in July.

The Anthropology@Deakin podcast dropped a couple of big episodes at the end of 2018, speaking to Nikolas Rose as well as Elizabeth Povinelli, Lorraine Lane, Linda Yarrowin, Cecelia Lewis, Sandra Yarrowin of the Karrabing Film Collective (find out more about their fantastic films here).